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Epicurean 18 x 13" Gripper Series Cutting Board with Red Corners

These non-slip, 1/4 inch thick gripper surfaces are a perfect solution for smooth and damp preparation areas and for people who like more counter-top grip during food prep.

The corner placement of the silicone grippers elevates the surface off of your counter-top while holding the surface in place and preventing it from slipping under the knife. As always, these surfaces are dishwasher safe. The silicone grippers are removable. Dishwasher Safe: Unlike wood and bamboo cutting boards, these quality food prep surfaces are designed to fit and be cleaned in the dishwasher. Knife Friendly: Cutting on Epicurean cutting surfaces will not dull your knives so they will need less sharpening. This means less work for you and longer life for your knife. Each surface will score slightly when used for cutting which shows it is protecting the knife's edge. Surfaces that don't score when used for cutting (e.g. glass or stone) will dull the knife. Maintenance Free: The cutting boards are extremely durable and require no oiling or bleaching. The surfaces resist staining and odours also being easy to clean. Hole and Handle: Epicurean cutting surfaces are designed for function. With every surface you will find a utility hole or built-in handle designed specifically for efficient handling and hanging. Heat Resistant: Epicurean cutting boards are heat resistant up to 176 C, so you can use each surface as a trivet without leaving a blemish. Note that the surfaces are not microwave or oven safe. Made in the USA: Epicurean cutting boards and the material used to make them are exclusively manufactured in the USA in compliance with labour and business practices. Even the trees used to make the material are harvested from certified, managed forests in North America. Eco Friendly: Epicurean cutting surfaces are made with eco select paper from trees harvested under guidelines of the North America Sustainable Forestry Standards. 60% of the energy used to produce the raw material is from renewable energy. NSF Approved: Approved by the National Sanitary Foundation, you can be sure that your non-porous Epicurean cutting boards will be easy to clean and will not harbour bacteria.

Cleaning and Care:

The cutting boards can be washed with hot soapy water or simply run through the dishwasher. Being a wood product if it's left in wet or damp conditions for long periods of time, it can warp. To avoid warping, thoroughly dry your surface upright and on edge before storing your surface. Epicurean cutting surfaces are stain resistant, but as with most materials there is a possibility of staining when left in contact with a highly alkaline product or food for a prolonged time. A few examples are liver, papaya and red beet. To remove stubborn stains, try a non-abrasive household cleaner.

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