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Breville Fast-Slow Pro

The Combination Pressure and Slow Cooker That Knows The Time, Temperature and Pressure Different Foods Need Some foods are tender with time, others are tastier under pressure, but how do you know the pressure, temperature and time different foods need ? Its all possible with the 'Fast Slow Pro' a multicooker with pressure and slow cook menus that automatically adjust time, temperature and pressure between fast and slow cooking. Dual sensors at the top and bottom monitor ingredients for more accurate temperature and pressure control, while the hands free steam release automatically varies across foods to maximise flavour and texture. So now you can pressure cook, slow cook, steam, reduce, saute and sear with the press of a button and you can rely on the fully interactive LCD to tell you when its building pressure, cooking and releasing steam.
Capacity 6 quart - 4.5 quart (MAX), 1 quart (MIN) Pressure Cook Feature Included Keep Warm Setting Keep Warm function turns on after cooking so food is ready to serve when you are Auto Setting Hands-free, automatic steam release for extra safety

Steam release mode automatically changes when different foods are selected

Auto Quick: Pressure is released quickly and continuously to minimize overcooking

Auto Pulse: Pressure is released in bursts to reduce disturbance to the food

Natural: Pressure naturally subsides without releasing through the vent Pre Programmed Functions and LCD Display Multi function Cooking - reduce, saute, sear to retain and intensify flavors, slow cook, pressure cook, pressure steam in minutes to lock in nutrients and keep warm with count down timer

Custom setting allows you to adjust temperature, pressure and time to suit your favorite recipe, while the fully interactive LCD tells you when its building pressure, cooking and releasing steam Lid Material Stainless steel construction with 3-way safety system- safety locking lid, hands-free auto steam release and safety valve. Hinged and removable with easy fitting seal for hassle free assembly and cleaning. Cook and Serve Bowl Removable cooking bowl with PTFE and PFOA free ceramic coating Cool Touch Handles Included Pressure or Slow Cook Dual sensors at the top and bottom of the bowl monitor the ingredients for more accurate pressure and temperature control

8 pressure levels range from low (1.5 psi) to high (12 psi) Additional Features Color changing LCD tells you when the cooker is pressurizing, cooking or releasing steam 3-Way Safety System - safety locking lid, automatic hands-free steam release, safety valve 11 pressure cook settings plus a custom setting to suit your favorite recipes Slow cook settings - select ‘HI’ or ‘LO ‘from 2 to 12 hours Pressure, temperature and time automatically adjust between pressure and slow cooking Keep Warm function turns on after cooking so food is ready to serve when you are Removable cooking bowl with PTFE and PFOA free ceramic coating Wide, wrap around moat catches condensation and food spills for a mess-free clean up Dishwasher safe removable lid Included Accessories Stainless steamer basket - cook proteins, vegetables and seafood in minutes Stainless rack - supports the steamer basket and also raises food out of the cooking liquid Full color recipe book with 41 recipes Construction Brushed stainless steel Wattage 1100 Voltage 110 - 120 Volts Warranty 1 Year Replacement Dimensions 14(H) x 13.5(W) x 12.5(D)

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Price: $249.95
Part No: BPR700BSS

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