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Global MinoSharp Plus Sharpener Grey & Black

Global MinoSharp Plus Sharpener
The MinoSharp Plus knife sharpener works on virtually all knife brands . Simply remove the clear cover from the knife sharpener, fill the basin with water, and reattach the cover. Begin sharpening your knife by gently sliding it through the white coarse grit ceramic wheels , pulling the blade of the knife back and forth 6-7 times, all the while asserting minimal pressure on the blade. There is no need to press down on the blade while pulling it back and forth through the wheels of the knife sharpener. Repeat the same process with medium grit . The water in the basin continually rinses the sharpening wheels, keeps the knife blades from overheating and assures a clean and even edge on the knife.Hand-held knife sharpener that is easy to use. The two ceramic wheels of the knife sharpener simulate the Japanese method of two-step whetstone sharpening, resulting in a razor sharp edge every time.Universal - sharpens all knife brandsRestores up to 98 percent of the original sharp edge to a dull knifeMinosharp plus knife sharpener is 9" long.

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Price: $63.95
Part No: 440GB

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