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Michael Aram Noahs Ark Nut Dish

3.75"W x 9.25"L x 5"H, Dish 2.25"W x 7.25"L; Black Nickelplate, Stainless Steel
The Flights of Fancy Collection is a series of unique objects that celebrate whimsy in daily life. Whether seen individually or among other pieces, they evoke a sense of charm and fantasy. Drawing profoundly from Aram's background as a sculptor, each piece emerges from hand-sculpted clay and offers a child-like quality with an inherent depth of meaning.

"There is so much power in the story of Noah's Ark resting on Mount Ararat in historic Armenia. It has always been a potent representation of my own Armenian heritage. I am also very moved by the narrative of Noah's Ark and the survival of man and animal after the great flood is a powerful story. Even though it is a well-known old testament reference, all great monotheistic religions accept the ark as a symbol of mankind's salvation. I wanted to represent it for everyone!"

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Price: $120.00
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