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Jura Capresso EC100 Pump Espresso and Cappuccino Machine

Perfect the art of brewing espresso with the new EC100 pump espresso and cappuccino machine. Create new and delicious gourmet coffee beverages quickly and easily with the stainless-steel lined ThermoBlock. Frothing and steaming milk has never been simpler with two frothing positions for making lattes or cappuccinos.

Features and Benefits

•Stainless-steel lined ThermoBlock heating system with 15 bar pressure for perfect high-pressure brewed espresso; water never comes in contact with aluminum •Removable 46 oz. water container for easy filling •Self-locking filter holder with thumbguard •Two sieves to produce one or two rich, thick crema espressos at a time •Single sieve for use with pre-packed espresso pods or pre-ground coffee •Unlimited steam output produces hot frothed milk for cappuccino and latte •Separate frothing positions for steamed milk (latte) and frothed milk (cappuccino) •Removable heavy-duty stainless steel cup warming platform •Indicator lights for "On/Off" and "Coffee/Steam" •Easy to clean removable stainless drip tray •One year limited warranty How Things Work

Dual Frother

This device is easy use and performs very well. There are two parts of the frother. There is a Frothing Sleeve for cappuccinos and when the Frothing Sleeve is removed, it reveals the Steam Tube for lattes.

•Frothing: Frothing Sleeve is in place over the steam tube. Hot steam and air are injected into the milk. The air will swirl inside the milk creating silky dense froth on top of the milk, ideal for a cappuccino. •Steaming only; Frothing Sleeve is removed to reveal the Steam Tube. Only hot steam will be injected into the milk. This is ideal for a latte. Important: To work properly, the Frothing Sleeve and Steam Tube need to be free of any milk deposits from earlier use.

Black and Stainless Steel

Capacity: Water Tank: 46 oz.

Includes: Measuring Scoop/Tamper

Watt/Volt/Hertz: 1350W/120V/60Hz

Weight & Dimensions: 9 lbs. (H, W, L) 11.75 ¼ " x 8.25 ½ "x 10.25 ¾"

1 Year Limited Warranty for Household Use

UL Listed

Made in China

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Price: $149.99
Part No: 116-04

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