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Bodum BISTRO Electric Water Kettle, Double-Wall Glass, 1.2 l, Glass Carafe

BISTRO Electric Water Kettle, DWG, 1.2 l, Glass Carafe

Isnít it nice to have some transparency in our complex everyday lives? In this case itís just a water kettle thatís letting you in on its inner workings but it sure makes for a promising start into the new day. See the water bubbling up in this double-wall glass kettle and itís crystal clear, the BISTRO is not only an investment in your daily tea and coffee pleasures, but in the environment as well. Due to the double-wall system the insulation is better and the water stays hot for a longer time. The inner wall, thatís in contact with the water, is made from borosilicate glass, the most neutral and most suited material to keep water absolutely pure. The outer wall is made from clear plastic; it protects the glass from shocks and makes it much less prone to breaking. The 1.1l BISTRO electric water kettle comes in different eye-catching colors.

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